Life Center Zhengzhou Street View
Street View

Life Center Zhengzhou

Area 22718m²
City Zhengzhou P.R.China
Client OCT Zhengzhou
Status planning

The OCT Culture and Art Center Zhengzhou is emerging in a new district of the provincial capital Zhengzhou. The environment is predominantly characterized by residential buildings. On the east side one large parklocated which runs through the entire district. In this context, the building gets two sides. A city side and a park side. The basic idea of the building design reacts to this situation and gives the building shape a sloping roof. The roof becomes accessible and will be used as an extension of the park in the East. An additional urban space will be created which could be used for public events The functions essentially consist of a multifunctional hall for up to 1500 people. This offers space for various cultural activities in the district. Exhibition areas for local art surround the hall on 3 levels. This arrangement of functions can also be seen in the outer shape of the building.

Life Center Zhengzhou Street View
Street View
Life Center Zhengzhou Bird View
Bird View
Life Center Zhengzhou Main Entrance
Main Entrance
Life Center Zhengzhou Siteplan
Life Center Zhengzhou Concept Idea
Concept Idea
Life Center Zhengzhou 3D Section
3D Section
Life Center Zhengzhou Reference from Facade Planning
Reference from Facade Planning
Life Center Zhengzhou View from Park
View from Park