Each design combines the understanding of the location, with the philosophy of simplicity, beauty and optimal technical solutions. The appropriate architectural answer will be found specifically for the design task. Our goal is to develop an unique and coherent architecture based on the parameters of location, function and budget. Our solutions are clear and simple, forms and spaces are developed from the processes, requirements and cultural contexts of the respective project.

About us

kpa kremp+partner architects was established in 2016 in Germany. Founded by Enrico Kremp a former employee at CUBE Design and gmp architects of Germany provide a strong background of architectural work in China with the expierence of an international well known architectrual pratice. kpa architects will provide the best of both worlds. High standards in design, strong focus and experience in quality of building details and a fast determinded project development. With over10 years of working in the chinese architectural market kpa architects can offer work in all kind architectural design fields, esspecially in office, puplic, education, commercial, landscape and interior architectural design. kpa architects have a strong focus in architectural detail design of facade design and construction, building detailing and building technique. kpa architects provide with his integrated visualization department a high quality design developing process for every client. A immediate visualization of all design decisions we think is crucial to fullfill our willingness, to provide the best service to our clients. In 2017 Michael Koehler joins kpa architects as partner, after 8 years employment at CUBE Design Shenzhen. During the time at CUBE Design Shenzhen he develop nearly 100 projects all over China and a deep understanding of the local architectural market. With our experience and our strong and well known partner office CUBE Design Shenzhen we can offer a full service project development and an unimpeded communication during all design stages for our customers.


Founder and CEO of kpa architects as a part of cube global group, graduated engineer for architecture (Dipl. Ing.) and licensed architect in Germany. Led over five years international project teams at gmp as senior architect and team leader with main focus in the planning, design and construction of diverse industrial building project, office complexes and public buildings as well as numerous international and national competitions. Before several years at Cube Design in Shenzhen and small architectural offices in Germany. In summary, over 15 years professional experience specializing in medium and large scale residential and commercial design contraction for high-end, fast-track, complex project in cost-conscious en- vironments. Client and focus oriented operations with extensive background in urbanism and infra- structure directing all project phases, from concept design through development design, approval planning, detailed designed, completion of construction, coordinating large teams of contractors, consultants, stakeholders and agencies for on-time delivery.

  • 2006 Diploma at Technical University of Dresden
  • 2006 work for Ingenieurbüro Daniel & Partner GmbH, Altenburg
  • 2007 work for Cube Architecture Designing Consultants LTD., Shenzhen, China
  • 2010 work for gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg
  • 2013 member of the Hamburg Architects Association
  • 2016 member of the Thüringen Architects Association (2841-16-1-A)
  • 2018 kpa kremp und partner architekten mbB


Michael Koehler studied at the University of Technology Dresden, graduating 2009 with a Diploma in Architecture. In the same year he got the opportunity to start his professional career at CUBE Design Shenzhen. In a period of 8 years Mr. Koehler coordinates and leads multi-disciplinary design teams on a variety of complex projects, possessing experience in all phases of project development with a great emphasis on design. He developed architectural and planning experience and an impressive portfolio of mixed use, office, landscape, interior, retail, education and puplic buildings. In 2017 after this successful peroid Mr. Koehler become partner of kpa architects and become a member of the German Association of Licensed Architects Thüringen.

  • 2009 Diploma at Technical University of Dresden
  • 2009 work for Cube Architecture Designing Consultants LTD., Shenzhen, China
  • 2018 kpa kremp und partner architekten mbB
  • 2018 2018 Mitglied in der Architektenkammer Thüringen als freischaffender Architekt Nr. 2935-18-1-A


„Great things in business are never done by one person. They‘re done by a team of people.“


Teamwork is a integral part of our daily work. Many ideas and solutions will be discover only together. Every task will be worked in a team to accomplish the best results in a efficient time period.

kpa kremp+partner architekten is a member of the CUBE DESIGN Group. The company network allows kpa kremp+partner architekten the opportunity to provide a full spectrum of architectural services in national and international projects. CUBE Design Shenzhen is a strong partner as an established brand with over 15 years of experience in China and a staff from over 400. An integral part of the company network is a continous exchange of ideas and knowledge. Company resources can be shared for project of different scale and complexity.


kpa kremp und partner architekten mbB


Office Altenburg

Selleris 30a, 04603 Nobitz, Deutschland
T: +49.3447 8916735

Office Freiberg

Meissner Gasse 33, 09599 Freiberg, Deutschland
T: +49.3731 6923957



We are always looking for qualified architects and interns with strong abilities in design and execution.

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