China Nanshan Development Group Office Tower

Area 80000 m²
City Shenzhen, P.R.China
Client CNDI Group
Status building complete

After winning the competition of the 150m high Nanshan Tower, detailed planning followed. The selected building core layout creates a central zone that can be used for meeting, recreation and air garden. The normally enclosed building core traffic area get access to natural lighting and ventilation. At the same time, a vertical connection is created through the entire building. Views of the surrounding nature and visual connections inside the building are possible. The facade design promote a holistic appearance. The goal was to have a continuous glass panel in each floor. The necessary window openings are integrated in the window frame and therefore not directly visible from the outside. Window elements in the main facade are orientated at an angle to the floor slab. A differentiated appearance are created in realtionship of the viewpoint, at the same time there is additional direct sun protection generated.

Nanshan-Tower Main Entrance
Main Entrance
Nanshan-Tower Facade Close up
Facade Close up
Nanshan-Tower Standard Floorplan
Standard Floorplan
Nanshan-Tower Building Section
Building Section
Nanshan-Tower Outdoor Stairs
Outdoor Stairs
Nanshan-Tower Interior View
Interior View